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By Kat Perry

Elite Eye Serum

Sold in a unique airless dispenser and featuring the most powerful imported peptide ingredients.

This high end product is a revised and upgraded form of the incredibly popular Elite Eye Serum. You may have heard about it because Dr. Oz did a huge show about Argireline, the focus ingredient in this product.  Everyone who searches for the Argireline peptide knows about the long-standing reputation it has with it thanks to Dr. Oz and other people who praised this ingredient, literally sending thousands if not millions of people to the Internet searching for products with this miracle-like ingredient, only to find the king of all eye serums, Elite Serum by SkinPro.

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The new serum features a more powerful formula and is therefore more effective and guarantees prompt results. The cosmeceutical packed product looks to target and tackle the roots of the symptoms of aging that appear amongst people. These include removal of wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles, eye bags, eye puffiness and others.

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I found this while shopping online.  The company advertises quite heavily, but more importantly, they seem to be a very popular product on Amazon.com, which is no small feat.

What Is Different about this Product?

This is NOT like your average anti aging products that provide slower results or none at all. The serum is also a much better alternate to other methods of treating aging symptoms such as Botox and others. The serum is therefore more effective than eye creams and as effective as surgical methods but all the more affordable and has no side effects.

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Who Should Use Eye Serums in General?

Anti aging products, such as eye serums, are particularly designed for those who battle with anti aging. It is also meant for those who cannot afford to go for surgical treatments and those who want to protect their health and experience no side effects that follow through after getting a surgery such as face lift.

Is This Product Safe to Use?  How about during Pregnancy?

From my research, backed up by communication via live chat with the company’s customer service, the product is 100 percent safe to use. The product has been tested and is being used by thousands of people across the world with no signs of ill-health or any other side effects. Moreover, all the ingredients in the product have been clinically tested and proven to be safe.  It’s safe to use during pregnancy as well.

Why are Elite Serum Reviews Generally Positive?
Elite Eye Serum Reviews

What makes this product so effective in dealing with aging signs is the fact that it is made from laboratory testing.

In short, this company doesn’t just launch products for profit, they seek skin treatments that work.  According to information gathered from a past press release, a company spokesperson was stated in saying:

We’re in the business of creating long-term relationships with our customers in an effort to drive their thought process to think of SkinPro whenever they have a skin condition in need of a capable product to target that ailment.

Most companies that sell online are large health conglomerates offering any product they can manufacture cheap in China and sell via hype and fake testimonials.  The parent company of this product, SkinPro, has been involved in anti aging R & D dating back almost 10 years, even prior to launching their storied skin care company.  They do not use any testimonials or sketchy before and afters on their website.  Instead, they sell their products based on the pure science that goes into them.

The founder, Timothy J. Schmidt, is an anti-aging contributor for the Huffington Post.

A list of the ingredients in the serum is as following:

  • SNAP-8
  • Argireline
  • SYN®-TC
  • Matrixyl 3000
  • Eyeliss
  • Haloyxl
  • Inyline

After using this eye serum, which is sold in a syringe, users can expect a drastic improvement in their skin and a huge reduction in aging signs such as wrinkles, dark circles amongst others. Additionally, after using the serum, users will also feel a difference in their overall appearance as the serum nourishes and brightens the skin overtime.

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Worth Mentioning:

When you reach out to the company via any support channel, you are greeted with a fast, courteous response.  That’s always refreshing when buying anything online.  I’ve used the chat feature on their website, which works during business hours, as well as their 24 hour phone line.  While many times you will reach a contact center and have to leave a message if it’s a customer service issue, you’ll always get a call back addressing your concern during business hours.

Elite Eye Serum Review


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