Best Online Shopping Websites

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By Kat Perry

Thanks for visiting, a guide to the best online shopping websites.  I’m Kathleen, (Kat for short) and along with my husband Michael, we do about 90% of our
shopping online.  You can read more about us, our shopping habits, and the reasons we created this website – right over here. Watch the brief video below to learn even more about us, and our strategies that help us save tons of money while we shop from the comfort of our Internet connection!

Over the years we’ve become more prone to shop online rather than in retail outlets for reasons outlined below.

  • We save LOTS of time with commuting to malls, grocers, and retail shops.
  • We have found many online retailers will drastically discount their prices if you buy direct from them online.
  • Coupons, savings codes, and promotions.  You would not believe the amount of discount codes we have come across and put in our coupon vault!
  • Convenience.  Click.  Add to cart.  Checkout.  Wait.  All from the comfort of our home.

We buy products ranging from food, electronics, consumer goods, skin care, health products, and even those awesome vapor cigarettes!  You’ll be amazed to see what you can get online – at a cheaper price – versus venturing out to wait in lines and pay more.

Best Online Shopping WebsitesWe are big advocates of helping people navigate the web for the best deals, and often times recommend certain places to shop.  These sites not only represent hot products, but also awesome values.  We speak from personal experience when we make recommendations, so you can buy with confidence knowing we’ve checked out every retailer listed on our site.

The goal is save time, money, and keep everyone’s bank accounts liquid with extra cash!

As a big fan of beauty products, I’ve created one of the web’s largest collection of skin care product reviews.  It’s a landscape I enjoy, and there certainly is no lack of products I get sent to sample, pick through, and try out.

Michael is more of the stereotype ex-high school jock, and he is still very active working out and keeping up with sports.  His recent reviews include the Skull Candy Crusher headphones, and he won’t shop anywhere online for sports apparel other than his favorite supplier, Under Armour.  He’s even secured a deal with the brand to bring you Under Armour coupon codes that allow you to save money on this awesome brand!

Kat advises all skin care enthusiasts to read her Elite Serum Rx review – it’s her secret to keeping young and one of the most read reviews on the site.   She also starts off her day (much like Super Model Alessandra Ambrosio) with a very cheap yet effective vitamin c skin serum.   You’ll be surprised at how you can get some of the best name brands, as well as up and coming brands, for ultra low prices.

Here are a few basic tips for buying every day products online.  

  1. Always keep your eyes on consumer savings blogs (like ours!)  We constantly update the site to talk about sales, new coupon codes, and promotions.  Sometimes we find out the morning of the sale, the night before, or during the sale.  Join our newsletter and you’ll be alerted just as soon as we are!
  2. Use coupons.  Have you ever noticed that most e-tailers have a field at checkout that says “enter coupon code.”  They are BEGGING you to save more money.  It’s there for a reason!  Use coupons, like the ones we supply, and you’ll be amazed at how much money you can save weekly, monthly, and ultimately, annually.  Imagine if you saved 15%+ off your grocery bill, your smoking habit, or your skin care products?  That’s thousands of dollars per year you can use to take a vacation, do some home improvement, or just sock away for a rainy day.
  3. Shop at the recommended retailers. is a big place to shop. It’s 100% safe and they supply a wide range of products for any lifestyle.  We don’t recommend any e-tailers that have poor ratings, customer service, or a less than stellar reputation.  Likewise, we do put out warnings when we come across a seller that is not up to our standards.

Enjoy our site, and please leave questions, comments, or reviews wherever you see fit!

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Five Steps to Make Your Own Vitamin C Serum

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You can now make your own skin creams at home!  

Nowadays there is no end to the beauty products that can easily be whipped up at home in no time. Vitamin C facial serums are no exception. With the right ingredients you can not only save money, you can also fix a number of problems you might be facing such as sun damaged skin, age spots, and dullness. You will also be able to protect your skin against the harmful effects of free radicals and will be able to boost collagen production in your facial skin.

Step One

The first step is to get some distilled water and pour it into any mixing container. You can also use rosewater for this purpose if you would prefer your serum to be lightly scented. You also need to buy some Vitamin C powder before hand from a pharmacy near you. Make sure you buy a good brand so that you can minimize any side effects or unfortunate backlash that might result from the use of Vitamin C.

Step Two

Mix the Vitamin C powder that you have bought till the mixture is somewhat frothy. Essentially, you want to use the powder in a lesser ratio and an even lesser amount if you have sensitive or overly dry skin. Make sure that the mixture is still slightly liquid and does not become creamy.

Step Three

The next item that you will need is some standard grade vegetable glycerin. Throw this into the mixing bowl and again be sure not to upset the consistency of the entire mixture. VG is added largely as a balancing agent so that the solution is not too abrasive to do any good. Vitamin C does have a reputation for over stripping skin and natural oils when used in a concentrated amount. If you have dry skin, you may want to increase the amount of VG you put into the mix. You can even blend the mixture or use an egg whisk at this point if you prefer.

Step Four

From any container store, purchase a drip bottle or a dropper bottle (as they are more commonly called) to store your mixture. The reason why these bottles are such a sound investment is because they will keep your homemade serum free from bacteria, sunlight and moisture and will also help the mix to last longer. Use a funnel and pour the mixture into the dropper bottle and every time before using give the entire bottle a good shake so that the components do not separate out. This bottle will also help you to not overuse the product or waste any by mistake. You’ll be able to extract the exact amount you want to use and then apply on the skin.

Step Five

Refrigeration is an optional step and this largely depends on what climate or part of the world you live in. No matter what happens, don’t let the serum oxidize because in that form it can cause skin problems and reactions rather easily. To be on the safe side, keep the serum bottle refrigerated and reach for it whenever you want to use it.

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Cranberry Juice And Pineapples For Weight Loss

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Today’s health tidbit is one that is aimed at those of you who want to lose weight naturally.  Natural weight loss is always the best, because fad diets and even the top weight loss diet pills can create massive weight loss only to revert back to reality when you stop the program.   

Weight loss occurs when the total number of calories you consume is less than the number of calories you burn. The most effective way of losing way is to reduce the calorie intake and increase physical activity. However, along with these two, there are certain products that can help you lose weight fast. These include pineapples and cranberry juice.

Cranberry Juice

Eat Fruit to Lose Weight

Fruits are high in antioxidants, which will improve skin tone and assist in weight loss.

Cranberry is one of the most popular foods in America. According to reports, one cup of unsweetened cranberry juice has 116 calories, which come from fructose, a certain sugar type found in fruit. Cranberry is not just great in taste but it also has weight loss properties. Cranberry juice is a natural diuretic. Diuretics are responsible for increasing urine production in the body, which thereby helps in removing extra water and additional toxins.

In order to use cranberry juice for weight loss, buy pure cranberry juice. Mostly, cranberry juice cocktails and other drinks contain additional sugar and therefore cause weight gain. Thus, make sure you read the ingredients list of the product you are buying. The main ingredient in the product should be cranberries. It is safe for adults to consume 4-8 oz. of pure cranberry juice as it offers the required diuretic effect. Moreover, cranberry juice should be drunk in moderation and not excessively as that can have adverse effects such as diarrhea and gastrointestinal upset.

It goes without saying though that cranberry juice alone will not work wonders unless you maintain a healthy and well balanced diet with it. Eat a healthy diet and drink the juice with it to get maximum results. If you are looking for an optimal weight loss, try to take the juice with proper meals and at the same time, reduce your sodium intake and increase the consumption of vegetables and fruits.


Pineapples are another great fruit that can help you in reducing weight naturally. The effects of eating pineapple on the body are pretty outstanding, say researchers, who have time and again shown many studies where people who ate pineapples experienced more weight loss than those who didn’t.

Pineapples contain bromelain, an enzyme that suppresses inflammation and improves skin elasticity. Moreover, bromelain also works to strengthen the muscles and stop the emergence of cellulite in the body.

Since pineapples are said to have such great weight loss properties, most people tend to consume them all through the day in an attempt to lose weight. This is absolutely wrong and should not be done. Start off by buying some pineapples and eating them slowly. Start by a few pieces. You can also make a pineapple smoothie or milkshake. Moreover, it is also not important to eat pineapple all through the week. In fact, you will experience results by eating it even thrice a day.

Before you start eating pineapples for weight loss, weigh yourself and note your weight down. Once you start eating pineapples, weigh yourself after a month and you will notice a difference on the scale.

Of course, weight loss is always assisted when you follow a high protein diet.  Can’t ditch the sweets?  Try a protein cookie from BioTrust.  Not only are they delicious, but they are great for you.

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How Neck Creams Work

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by Kat

Many experts agree that it is the neck area where aging hits first. That is why it is important to stop this from happening with the regular use of a good neck cream which caters to your skin needs. It is important to be well versed on your skin type and to be aware of any ingredients which cause irritation or allergies on your skin.

Turkey Neck

Sunburn is often a leading cause of “Turkey Neck.”

I recently started using a neck cream skin care product.  It’s a niche product that most people probably don’t understand, but when they look in the mirror, the understanding becomes very clear.  We often show our age in this area due to lack of attention, and today I’ll explain more about that and why a neck cream can be a great addition to your skin care regimen.

The neck area supports a great deal of movement and hence is always in a posture conducive to stress. This causes wrinkles and fine lines to appear but these can be minimized with a proper massage using a neck cream and the application of antiaging neck creams themselves.

Many women face the dreaded Turkey neck syndrome as they get older which is essentially a number of deep set lines which appear on the neck due to sun damage and lack of care. Neck creams which contain the substance Collagen can be effective in reducing these lines and preventing future wrinkles. Collagen provides a lift to the skin and plumps it up to give it a younger appearance. Collagen is produced in younger skin but aged skin only loses it without being able to remake it. That is where neck creams come in.

Neck creams can imitate to some extent the effects of surgical operations and Botox and related injections. The effects of surgical procedures are harmful and drastic and they need constant upkeep which requires large amounts of money. Neck creams are a much safer and cheaper option and the effect you get is far more gradual and natural looking. In most cases the wrinkles (depending on how serious they are) may only be reduced to a tolerable state as eliminating them entirely is quite impossible.

With scientific advancements however ingredients such as Pentapeptides have popped up with respect to neck creams and their effects are a lot more fast-faced. These quick acting ingredients are still relatively new so their long term effects cannot be speculated but they do the job better than hyaluronic acid which was used in the older formulations.

Neck creams also work by protecting against the sun and its dangerous rays. This helps in the prevention of age spots, dark marks and excess tanning. DNA damage and wrinkles can also be prevented as the sun aggravates these conditions even if it is not necessarily causing them in an individual. Most neck creams which are made for day usage contain SPF nowadays.

If you are looking for a product in this category, ready my entry “What is the best neck firming cream?” where I discuss what you need to look for.

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Fun Ways To Make Extra Money Online

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by Michael

Earners Group

There are numerous ways one can make money online, and the Earners Group shows you how.

The internet brought with it many advantages but one of those was that it became easier than ever for people to earn money online without leaving the comfort of their homes. It also became easier to supplement one’s income from a regular job with an endeavor using the online world and audience. There are a number of ways you can sell your talents or even raise money for charity if you are up for it.  After running into a very intriguing website that teaches how to make money online, I felt compelled enough to write this blog with my views on how one can make this happen.  It’s really nice being able to make a few extra dollars from home with this website and the odd commissions from click throughs we make, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg and I’m now on a quest to start earning money online in a better than ever fashion.

The following are some ways to make money and make a mark on the world; they can also be handy for creating a little pocket money even if you are currently employed elsewhere.

• Selling your own music or compositions is a great hobby and it can even open a lot of big doors for your future. Many large established bands like Radiohead have even taken this route and landed successfully. Music can now be purchased on a number of sites such as Amazon and so on and people will pay to hear it. To start off you can always make a YouTube channel and be paid for accumulated views while you perfect your sound.
• If you have any experience in website design, you can make your site and upload examples of your work or a portfolio of sorts. This may not initially get you many clients but with the passage of time as you get known, you will be likely to bag more contracts. Online platforms are also a great way to showcase your skills, just be careful about plagiarism.
• Furthermore, you can get in the basis of selling ebooks. Ebooks are not everyone’s cup of tea but there is no shortage of diehard enthusiasts out there and you can make quite a nice earning on the side by starting a small business. You can write an ebook yourself or have a loved one write it for you and then they can be sold at competitive prices. Make sure you market yourself effectively before you put it on sale and employ catchy phrases to get the attention of the reader. Offer a preview so that more people are tempted to buy your ebook.
• Apps are the next big thing ever since the Android operating system has become successful and widespread. All you need is an original idea and then you need to have some basic software and web skills to create the app itself. Choose to make an app that solves a commonly faced problem or about something that personally interests you. Even though the app may not be sold for more than $2 a pop, it can still become a lot of money when you consider the number of people with smartphones who will want to buy it.
• Content writing is a tried and tested method of quickly earning some cash. You can either apply to a company that specializes in providing content to other organization or you can register yourself on a social platform like Odesk to attract clients with your skills and qualifications.

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